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Behind The Scenese at D1 Grand Prix Odaiba

Drift And Dress Up Vol. 4 – All Stars

COVERAGE: Hot Import Daze 2017 | Seattle WA

HIN Seattle kicked off early for a lot of us car enthusiasts, as car show participants and autox drivers traveled from all over the PNW to attend Hot…

Kai Wong takes the Sony 100mm f2.8 STF DRIFTING! Bokeh Review

Kai Wong reviews the Sony 100mm f2.8 STF at Drift Cup for the official Bokeh Whore review! Bonus Review Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8

Cinco De Drifto – A Shitty Short Film

Evergreen Drift held a “Cinco De Drifto” event where all the spectators ate tequila and tacos and watched a smorgasbord of drifting. Warning: This video is long and…



Below is the unseen photos from NissanFest 2017 Team Tandem competition, with a few extras towards the end. Thanks to all the participants that attended and drove. Congratulations…

SERIALNINE Block Party 2017 (4K)

VLOG: TJ Fry’s Perspective on Formula Drift ProAm Round 1

TJ Fry from Montana threw together a vlog of his weekend in Monroe WA as him and his team competes for a podium finish at Evergreen Speedway’s Formula…

Nissan Fest 2017

Just random video from NissanFest. Maybe I should do this regularly. I’m so bad with video.