NWN Motorsports kicked off spring of 2016 with a car show and open drift. Evergreen Drift officials announced that EVD ProAm (Sanctioned by Formula Drift) will be running the 5/8ths layout for April 9th at Evergreen Speedway!

Several drivers showed up as gates opened at 9am. Slightly before 11am I ran around the pits and snapped a few shots.


Brandon Schmidt of Red Army Drift Team premiered his fresh new paint, blood red, sporting gun metal MB Battles. This LS13 is pushing over 400whp!


Travis Reeder from Vancouver WA made the trek up to Evergreen Speedway to put in seat time. As a southern Washingtonian, Reeder frequents PARC Drift and Jackson County Speedway.


Tyler Grimsley is back for 2016 season, retiring the old KA24DE-T in favor of a V8!  His livery has been removed and a blank canvas is left for ProAm Round 1!


Nate Snyder’s Kouki S14 has been turning heads during Evergreen Drift’s Winter Drift season. Premiering a new motor in November 2015, Snyder has been slowly adding power adders, opting for a centrifugal supercharger. He’s estimating about 410+whp all work done at SVPerformance.


Gaston Morrison out of Vancouver, British Columbia brought down his Onevia for last Sunday’s practice round. Right off the bat he was initiating the 5/8ths bank with no hesitation, the rain kept all the drivers in slow motion. Dry condition’s in an El Nino season is a rare occasion.

Winter builds for ProAm 2016 are still under wraps, with Round 1 a month out there’s still time for our local talent to button up their builds. April 3rd is an Open Drift that may showcase more practice rounds. Keep your eyes peeled!