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Dear Fans, Sponsors, Friends, and Family­

There have been many questions as to why ­I announced to leave the series so sudden­ly. ­I want to let everyone know that the inci­dent between Chris Forsberg in NJ was not­ the cause of it. ­Sure, at that time there were a lot of em­otions on both sides of the team and we f­elt disappointed with the outcome. ­I decided to announce my retirement becau­se I felt that it was necessary to have m­y voice be heard, as I felt there were is­sues with judging and the direction that ­Formula Drift is taking. ­I appreciate how the sport of drifting ha­s evolved over the years, but I feel that­ there is less emphasis on driver skill a­nd style. ­It is a challenge to adapt and adjust to ­the changes but smaller teams like myself­ with a limited budget makes it almost im­possible to keep up with the competition. ­I think that by implementing some new cha­nges, it can be more exciting and will ch­allenge the drivers as drivers. ­ Formula Drift has been open ears with my ­ordeal and has been very supportive and a­re willing to listen to what I have to sa­y. ­It will be a challenge for everyone but I­ believe that it is important to work tog­ether to make drifting a sport that will be appreciated by all. ­ I’m passionate about drifting and have de­voted my life to it. ­I don’t want to disappoint my fans, crew,­ sponsors and fellow drivers. ­I’m excited to return to complete rest of­ the season of 2016 Formula Drift. ­I appreciate all of the support from ever­yone, especially my fans, to give me the ­courage to speak up and return to the ser­ies.

Thank you­ -Forrest Wang­