Saturday Morning, Formula Drift Seattle kicked off with a great exhibition of car show cars rolling into Offset Kings 2016. Early birds Formula Drift attendees getting in line as early as 8am held their spot in line until 12 noon. Blow are a few highlighted cars that entered the Fatlace/Hellaflush Offset Kings car show!


Ben from @Koncept_Industries rolled in with freshly cut vinyl designed by Ian Dillon, owner operator of @Factory83 – orange and blue work well on that @2FPerformance kit.


Jetlag Club hailing from Alberta Canada parked next to this beautiful Z. @liljchan. This crew made a long journey to make it to PNW’s Formula Drift event! At least their aero didn’t get destroyed on their way down to Seattle!


@prettyboyyedwin from @GoodVibes.StreetTribe laying his kit out on the Evergreen Speedway grass.IMG_1668 IMG_1677

The whole Slydeworks crew lined up. @sethhunt01 @kellywilliamsss253 @slydeworks


@dee242 and @prettyboyyedwin from @goodvibes.streettribe IMG_1630

Team Rival member @dpomps rolling in, that BN Sports inverted hatch is mint.IMG_1637 IMG_1612

Kelly’s strawberry sil80 recently received a heart transplant. Out with the SR20 in the the RB26!IMG_1605 IMG_1603

@mattvankirk rolling in with the infamous @autodervia rocket bunny S13. Vankirk Racing recently purchased this car after it went into the wall at Evergreen Speedway. With repairs to the rear end finished, Vankirk and his crew will be running FD Pro2 Texas in this chassis.
IMG_1577 IMG_1554 IMG_1541 IMG_1526

@jdmlife13 rolling in with his 180sx, powered by a CA18 Tomei Genesis engine. Check out his IG for pictures of his rare motor!
IMG_1497 IMG_1483 IMG_1468

Frank Moreno @franke33’s bagged 350z is always a sight to see, one of the few Z owners in the PNW that consistently enters into car shows. We’d love to see more car show level Z’s to take photos of!IMG_1465

@sidewayshatch Aaron Leavitt of @destroy_drift beginning to roll in with @skywhine Shain Canon and @pitbulldrifter Josh McGahuey.

IMG_1466 IMG_1464 IMG_1460 IMG_1458 IMG_1456

Chip Perkins @woodbury12 from @dmaddistro x @riot_factory_drift rolled in with his Nissan Cefiro, not everyday you see these in the US.



Levi took 2nd please in the @OKWA show, check out his build @leviathandc5



Bill Brinkworth @saissei_db240z in his Datsun 240Z rolled into the show and setup next to the Fatlace booth.


Next Up: Formula Drift Part 2 MEDIA DAY!