Formula Drift Top 16 kicked off after a long awaited break. All the media re-hydrated and topped off their stomached. I personally grabbed pulled pork from 2 1/2 Guys BBQ!


The Air Force kicked off the evening by swearing in a pack of new airmen, followed by our United States Anthem.IMG_2406 IMG_2439

While everyone was cheering and motors were reving, a pair of A10 Warthogs flew over head. It was exciting to see a flyover! Since Seafair was kicking off, I was speculating it would be the Blue Angels, but this was just fine!IMG_2451

Chris Forsberg thought my rice hat was awesome, he quickly snapped me before his introduction!

The FDTV camera crew were getting close up’s of each driver, I was able to snap a photo of Forrest smiling for their video production.IMG_2474

Ken Gushi wasn’t sure what to do with his hands, I wished him luck in Top 16.

Fredrick Aasbo with the gentleman pose awaiting his queue from Jarod DeAnda.IMG_2513

A photogenic Matt Field captures the limelight as he points right towards the pack of paparazzi.IMG_2526  It took a few hollers, but Matthew Coffman finally noticed us!IMG_2531

Coffman seizing the moment to get the crowd rowled up. He was one of the last drivers to leave the introductions line, sending angry V8 noises rippling through the grandstands!IMG_2548IMG_2558

All the claytrack NASCAR drivers in our region probably would appreciate Vaughn Gitten Jr’s Mustang as it lifts a wheel around the corners. “TURN RIGHT TO GO LEFT!” is what the Midget car racers do around clay tracks like Skagit Speedway.IMG_2570

I was actually anticipating Alec Hohnadell to top Coffeman this round, Coffman actually put in a great line and had the crowd roaring. I felt that Coffeman was a bit of an underdog. Hohnadell has a shallow line coming off the bank and making contact at the last clipping point.IMG_2574

I was trying different angles through this clipping point. Most of the other media photographers were off in packs around the track. I wanted to try this angle, despite the potential of flying carbon fiber debris landing in my hairs.IMG_2596

Zoomed in at 200mm focal length, I snapped a perfect photo of Alec Hohnadell full squat as his 2FPerformance Super Doof kit flexed. #3wheelmotionIMG_2611

Vaughn Gitten Jr getting chased down by Dean Kearney. I was really confused ass to how Kearney won this match up. They went OMT, but my only thought was that Dean’s chase run could have been docked because of his wide line. In the photo above you can see he get’s one off, perhaps Vaughn needed to go just as wide? I was really confused by this call, even watching the Network A Top 16 recap I’m still not sure what Vaughn did wrong. Ironically there wasn’t a huge backlash from the fans, not like the passionate trolls like Vaughn anyways?


I thought this was neat, there was a few different teams of EMT out on track, these guys came out to check out the action during down time.

Tanner Foust in the V8 Passat put in work against Jhonnattan Castro. I was secretly cheering for Foust all weekend, just to see if he could shake up the points standings.

Daijiro Yoshihara in the Turn14 FRS hot on the trail with Chris Forsberg. Forsberg’s team did a great job building this 370Z, I wish Dai was still in a Nissan chassis!IMG_2658Odi Bakchis’ lead run was incredible, when he ran up to the initiation point it looked like he clutch kicked. Odi literally gained 3-4 car lengths while being sideways on Forrest. Forrest really had to drop a low line coming off the bank to get door to door. Forrest also made a correction coming into power alley, Odi coming out on top.IMG_2666

Matt Field did a great job against Fredrick Aasbo, his chase run he was neck and neck with Aasbo. However, he lost close proximity coming into power alley. Aasbo surged to connect the corners and left a little legroom between the two. This run went OMT as it was indeed a very very good battle to witness. Aasbo later came out on top to advance on.IMG_2671
IMG_2728Tyler Mcquarrie and Kenny Moen battle went into OMT.

The Ken Gushi vs Robbie Nishida battle was exciting to watch. Gushi’s chase run, he must have pulled out a NOS Bottle or just plain ninjaed into position. Gushi basically get’s into the inside pocket of Nishida on the 5/8ths bank and rides his door all the way into power alley! Obvioiusly, the Gush had to back off slightly during the transition, but keeps the judges smiling.
IMG_2699Great Top 8

Dean Kearney did a great job following Matthew Coffman in Run 1, however Kearney made slight contact around the last corner. This battle moved onto a OMT!IMG_2746


During the “One More Time” battle, Kearney did an awesome job of pressuring Coffman on the 5/8ths bank, however he got a little to close 2nd to last corner making contact with Coffman. Essentially what happened was Kearney’s nose dove into Coffman’s driver side front fender, causing the fender to fold behind his tire at full lock!IMG_2797IMG_2811

Nothing broken, Coffman celibrates! They both straightened out their cars for the final run. After Run 2, the judges ruled that Coffman advances on to Top 4!IMG_2822IMG_2872


During Foust vs Forsberg, Foust chase run was low angle, a few corrections. Forsberg ended up topping Foust.

IMG_2778IMG_2784Larry Chen get’s the win!

IMG_2888Ken Gushi vs Tyler McQuarrie went into overtime, these two duked it out until Gushi ended up the victor.

Final 4
IMG_2919Seeing a PNW local go up against an FD Champion had to have been an exhilarating moment for everyone. Unfortunately during Coffman’s chase run, he spun. This allowed Chris to have an Ace up his sleeve. Coffman did a great lead run with Forsberg on his door, through power alley Forsberg dove in and made an interesting correction where he dives in to Coffman’s business! Unfortunately for Coffman, his prior mistake basically nullifies Forsberg’s cloak and swagger. Rewatch that replay below, from my angle it looked like Forsberg lost proximity through power alley and made up for it by diving in like a swan.


Ken Gushi is somewhere in the photo above, I guarantee you. With Matthew Coffman out of the picture, Odi took his chance and knocked to Gushi out with a one two punch. Gushi secured 3rd place for the weekend.IMG_2965Chris Forsberg came in hot off the bank trying to chase Odi in this tandem battle. Forsberg spun out in power alley! With the sun setting, the track temperature fell dramatically in the PNW. Could this be an attributing factor to Forsberg’s demise? 


Odi wasn’t giving Forsberg a chance at first place, keeping his opponent under pressure. The fans were on the edge of their seat all the way until the Top 2 battle. All the Nissan fan’s were deflated after Forsberg’s mistake.



With Ken Gushi in 3rd, Chris Forsberg in 2nd, and Odi Bakchis locking in 1st place, Formula Drift Seattle was a wrap!


Laurette Nicoll’s interviewing Odi Bakchis for FDTV and the crowd.


Good luck to all the drivers for the rest of the Formula Drift 2016 Season! Chris Forsberg is currently sitting Rank #1 for the 2016 season! Freddric Aasbo, Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Odi Bakchis trailing behind.



Round 6: Throwdown Event Results
1. Bakchis, Aurimas Ark Performance / Feal Suspension / Falken Hyundai Genesis Winner
2. Forsberg, Chris NOS Energy Drink / Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z 2nd Place
3. Gushi, Ken GReddy Racing / Nexen Tire SR by Toyota 86 3rd Place
4. Coffman, Matt Coffman Racing Nissan 240 4th Place
5. McQuarrie, Tyler Mobil 1 Chevy Camaro 5th Place
6. Aasbo, Fredric Rockstar Energy Drink / Nexen Tire SR by Toyota tC 6th Place
7. Foust, Tanner Rockstar Energy Drink / Nexen Tire Volkswagen Passat 7th Place
8. Kearney, Dean Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper 8th Place
9. Gittin, Vaughn Monster Energy / Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR 9th Place
10. Field, Matt Falken Tire / Driftcave Motorsports Nissan 240 10th Place
11. Yoshihara, Dai Falken Tire / Turn 14 Subaru BRZ 11th Place
12. Moen, Kenny Team Boost Lock BMW M3 12th Place
13. Wang, Forrest Get Nuts Lab / Hankook Tire Nissan 240 13th Place
14. Nishida, Robbie Achilles Radial Infiniti G37 14th Place
15. Hohnadell, Alec Enjuku / Get Nuts Lab / Nexen Tire Nissan 240 15th Place
16. Castro, Jhonnattan Gerdau Meltadom / Nexen Tire Toyota 86 16th Place

2016 Formula DRIFT Championship Presented by BlackVue Standings After 6 Events
1. Forsberg, Chris
NOS Energy Drink / Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z
419.00 Points
2. Aasbo, Fredric Rockstar Energy Drink / Nexen Tire SR by Toyota tC 414.00 Points
3. Gittin, Vaughn Monster Energy / Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR 404.00 Points

2016 Manufacturer Championship Standings After 6 Events
1. SR by Toyota 737.00 Points
2. Ford 565.00 Points
3. Nissan 558.00 Points
4. BMW 389.00 Points
5. Mazda 245.00 Points
6. Chevrolet 222.00 Points
7. Dodge 203.00 Points
8. Infiniti 190.00 Points
9. Lexus 122.00 Points

2016 Tire Championship Standings After 6 Events
1. Nexen 796.00 Points
2. Falken 750.00 Points
3. Hankook 682.00 Points
4. Nitto 593.00 Points
5. Achilles 521.00 Points
7. GT Radial 320.00 Points