SEATTLE, WA – EvergreenDrift’s ProAm series kicked off April 8th at Evergreen Speedway. Drivers from all over the Pacific Northwest descended upon Monroe WA. During the off season, drivers took advantage of Evergreen Speedway’s private track days to test and tune their builds before hitting the tarmac.

According to Evergreen Speedway officials, 21 drivers were battle ready for their Round 1 Formula Drift ProAm licensing series. Gleb Antonov wasn’t able to have his vehicle ready for grid.

A few unfamiliar drivers showed up for #FDProAm Round 1, out of staters Shawn Olin, Dalton Gernhart, Ryan Lackner, Keith Carter. Out of the few unfamiliar faces, Dalton Gernhart from Wilsonville, OR stood out the most. Gernhart’s Nissan 350Z packed a V8 that turned heads! He is better known for his skillful driving on Oregon race tracks.

Evergreen Speedway organized their Formula Drift ProAm Round 1 event around their Saturday night NASCAR event. Super Late Models, Street Minis, Outlaw Figure 8’s, Hornets, and Youth Hornets joined the drifters during a big Saturday night showing. NASCAR fans from all over the northwest witnessed our talented ProAm drivers compete in Round 1!

Congratulation’s to the top 3 Formula Drift ProAm drivers, we’re happy to see the 3 of them come out on top! DirtFish Rally School instructor, TJ Fry placed 3rd overall. Making a comeback after a short hiatus in 2nd place Tyler Grimsley from Port Angeles, WA. And finally one of the underdogs of the day, coming in 1st place Patrick Heald from Snohomish, WA!

Next big event is NissanFest April 22nd and DriftCon June 3rd! Join us trackside for a heavy dose of adrenaline and excitement at Evergreen Speedway!

Formula Drift ProAm 2017 Points Standings Round 1*

  1. Patrick Heald (100 points)
  2. Tyler Grimsley (88points)
  3. TJ Fry (78 points)

*Citation for current ProAm 2017 point standings via EvergreenDrift.


Nate Snyder and Zach Farrar getting door to door, maybe even rubbing some rubbers. Whatever they do on their free time, they looked good on the track!

Ryan Lackner’s V8 sang a very heavy tune, harmonizing with itself against the NASCAR grand stands at Evergreen Speedway.

New driver, who dis?

Keith Carter showed up to Round 1, he did not have a heavy enough foot to keep himself in the game. I hope to see him make a come back in Round 2 and really make that engine scream.

Lockbaum during his qualification runs, consistent with good angle.

It’s really awesome to see more Oregon drivers come up to compete in the Formula Drift ProAm series here at Evergreen Speedway. Ryan Lackner showed up in his S13.5 hatch.

Travis Christiansen lurking in the shadows to show his support for Joseph Lin. I really want to see him compete in the ProAm season this year.

Tyler Grimsley’s 240sx hatch looked SOOO good! Like, can we all have slick looking FD ProAm cars like this!? His livery followed a very slick and subtle theme. Ian Dillon from Factory83 did a great job on this design!

Formula Drift ProAm judge Aaron Leavitt showed up in his 240sx hatch to test the track layout and help score drivers overall performance.

Cole Werner and Brian Lockbaum getting door to door.

Arie Abrams really turned heads with his SR20DET. Low as ever, Eddy Gonzalez’s GTO sounded VERY quiet chasing down the sileighty.

Eddy Gonzalez has his hazard vest on.

Slight gap between Heald and Schmidt.

Patrick Heald (240sx) put the pressure on Chase Schmidt (BMW E30)

Cole Werner chasing down Joseph Lin, he was able to catch up with him in the power alley at Evergreen Speedway.

Joseph Lin is back to the future 2017

Lockbaum vs Gernhart

Lockbaum had stiff competition against Dalton Gernhart of Wilsonville, Oregon. Dalton has a reputation for tearing up Canby Oregon at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex. If you’re ever in the Portland OR area, check out PARC Drift!

Brian Lockbaum from Spanaway WA going full lock against the final hair pin turn.

TJ Fry chasing down Lake Steven’s Cole Werner!

Local FormulaDrift Pro2 driver, Matt Vankirk putting down points in the Formula Drift series against Tyler Grimsley. Vankirk was running into power issues in the old dolphin S13.

Patrick Heald dominating 1st place in Formula Drift ProAm Round 1 Seattle WA!


Congratulations to TJ Fry, Tyler Grimsley, and Patrick Heald!