Ratsun 280Z Watanabe Wheels

The rear diffuser, flat black, Watanabe Wheels, Fender Mirrors, Fender Flares… This thing is a classic Ratsun build! レーシングサービスワタナベ

Fairlady Z

I neglected this guy for a long time, I proceeded to take photos of his mint Z

Fairlady Z

2-tone 240sx coupe

Before he crammed into the car show area, I got a great side profile shot of this seafoam 2-tone coupe.

Ratsun 280Z Watanabe Wheels

Can’t get enough of it

240Z Ratsun

This 240Z broke Evergreen Speedway’s office lady’s neck.

240Z Profile

240Z Side Profile

370Z Lowered Black Wheels


Chameleon Vinyl Wrap R32 GTR Skyline

Chameleon Vinyl Wrap R32 GTR Skyline

Chameleon Vinyl Wrap R32 GTR Skyline

This R32 is local here in Washington.

R32 GTR Chameleon Vinyl Wrap

Tail end of the R32 GTR

Z32 Drift

Corey LaPlante brought his Z32 out for Open Drift!

Candy Orange 240SX 180SX

Awesome Paint

240SX Bash Bar

Spotted the squad in the parking lot.

Nissan Silvia Zenki

While I was heading into the back gate at Evergreen Speeway, I spotted a few Nissan Silvias in the camp grounds. These Canadians couldn’t get their Tim Hortons.

Nissan Silvia Starbucks Sponsorship

If you look closely, the deprived Tim Horton patrons had to settle with Starbucks. Oh yeah there’s a Nissan Silvia in this photo!

Classic Beamer

Beamer vs Nissan Silvia

Good Vibes Drift Squad

Good Vibes Drift Squad

Sexy Style 180SX Body Kit

I don’t know where he got his Sexy Style body kit… but like over 10 years ago there was a bulk for sale thread on Zilvia… Hot damn RHD Japan gimme.

This one had a LOUD V8

Ikea Formula Body Kit United States

Nikolay with his RARE Ikea Formula body kit

Nissan Silvia LS15

Villain’s Brett Williams unloading his Nissan Silvia LS15

Starbucks Fueled

Villains Sportland Walla Walla, WA

Nate Shewchuck of Villians Drift. Thank you for the awesome angle kit for my S13!

Jordan Peterson Drift Okinawa Bosozoku

Jordan Peterson rolling into the pits

Villains Sportland Walla Walla, WA

Nate Schewchuck getting ready to unload, check out Villains Sportland on Facebook!

Mazda FD3S RX7 Twin Charged Mazda RX7 FC Wald Duchatelet Wheels

Scott Pham and Jason Cowles side by side in their insane RX7’s

Mazda RX7 FC Wald Duchatelet Wheels

Jason Cowles rocking the VIP wheels

バトル・ロワイアル Twin Charged FD3S RX7

Scott Pham’s FD3S RX7 is ready for the Battle Royale バトル・ロワイアル

Nissan S15 Silvia Corvette LS Motor

Brett Williams warming up his LS15

Nissan S15 Silvia Corvette LS Motor

Evergreen Speedway’s NASCAR fan’s don’t know what to think of these.