With the wildfires spread across British Columbia and Alberta Canada, much of the Pacific Northwest is under a heavy haze. The haze has blanketed Snohomish Valley and engulfed Evergreen Speedway.

As we’re heading into the Formula Drift weekend, talk around the pits for Pro2 is revolving around the Pacific Northwest’s heavy hitters. Our home field advantage is having drivers acquainted to the 5/8ths bank. Are they ready to take on the national Pro2 Drivers!?

Thursday morning, teammates Brody Goble and Brandon Schmidt’s cars sit lifeless in their pits during the Pro2 drivers meeting.

Ivan Tsang preparing Matt Vankirk’s Rocket Bunny Creamsicle S13 – The Driftmanic Machine!

As the morning progressed, most of the drivers from out of state started to figure out how to take on Evergreen’s 5/8ths bank. This could potentially give our Northwest drivers trouble, especially high horse power builds. Kevin Lawrence coming off the bank into power alley, most drivers were showing very shallow lines.

Coming into the power alley, a few drivers were on a low line. The main reason for this is because they’re not able to get deep into Outer Zone 1. This is the zone towards the end of the 5/8ths bank.

During the early practice hours, I was surprised to see Matt Vankirk keep up with Dirk Stratton. Stratton’s Corvette is one of the fastest Pro2 cars out there. His car will give lower horsepower cars trouble during his lead run. My prediction is that if Stratton can commit to a consistent line, he’s going to knock people out early in the bracket.

The Shango shag wagon piloted by none other than Danny George coming off the bank with a decent line. This photo is actually coming right into power alley and doesn’t reflect how close to the wall he had to get to reach this line!

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Underdogs of the PNW Top 4 Pro2 Drivers To Watch Out For!

Brandon Schmidt

Dylan Hughes

Brody Goble

Matt Vankirk

Travis Reeder

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